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What is the impact of COVID 19 in the business sector of UAE?

Pretty much like the other countries of the world UAE has also suffered due to the pandemic. Though experts may argue that the intensity may be less. UAE being a country under visionary and a strong leadership of the rulers they were quick to be announcing a stimulus package for the small and medium sized industries. Such a stimulus packaged provided by UAE government constitutes 92 % of UAE business was a lifeline. It did go on to be a saving grace for many of the small and medium sized industries from the pandemic. Presently the country is pretty much on the normal track and planning to deal with a lot of events with considerable intensity.

Is there a need to rent an office in UAE for business information?

For setting up a company there is no specific requirement of renting an office. Towards the mainland there are virtual offices which are available at minimum cost. Sharing desk, virtual offices, warehouses and physical offices are all available.

Which is the type of business license that you need to choose?

Taking into consideration the type of activity a business is involved they can choose three type of licenses. For trading companies it is commercial, for consultancy companies it is professional and for manufacturing companies they require an industrial license.

How you can transfer the fees for setting up a company?

You may transfer the fees of setting up a company by clicking on the Pay by link. When you are paying by this method an invoice will be generated and for this link you may use your debit or credit card. Even they are known to accept point of link , cheque, bank transfer etc.

What are the main benefits of setting up a company in Free zones?

There are numerous benefits of setting up a company in a free zone. The first would be 100 % ownership, 100 % profits repatriation, as there would be no tax on import or export duties. In addition there would be no company tax, the process of forming a company is easy and world class infrastructure.

Which are the main types of company in UAE?

In UAE there are three main type of companies which are free zone company, offshore international company and mainland company.

What are the reasons of choosing Synergy for company formation in UAE?

Synergy is going to assist in choosing the right type of package. There are a team of legal along with business experts to assist you in your requirements as they would provide you with the right type of solution and advice.